Powerful web hosting that propels your business online!

Concentrate on the growth of your company, Tunisieweb takes care of the rest !.

Instant activation

Activation of your web hosting package is instant upon receipt of your payment. Your site and domain name will be functional in minutes.

Daily Backup

Local backups + external backups. If needed, our local backups allow us to restore your site in minutes

1-click installation

WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, phpBB, Opencart, E-commerce, and more than 200 other applications / CMS are available in one click. No technical knowledge required.

Wordpress & E-commerce

Your data is sensitive, protecting it is our priority. We ensure their security by protecting themselves from application or infrastructure-related vulnerabilities.

Uptime Garanteed 99.99%

Availability is now an important issue for Web infrastructures. We guarantee 99.99% uptime. Your Google (SEO) SEO will be improved

Satisfied or refunded

You benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee on the accommodation. To date Tunisieweb satisfies more than 18000 websites!


What is website hosting?

We host websites for individuals, associations, businesses, and professionals. In other words, we rent disk space and system resources on our servers for these sites.
It is our role as a web host to ensure that your site will be well visible on the Internet all over the world. The choice of a good host is important.

How to change your plan during a subscription?

Simply go to your customer area and click on Increase my package, a prorata will be calculated based on the time you have on your accommodation

I live in Tunisia, can I host my site at home?

Yes! Wherever you live, we can host your site and you have the choice to choose between 3 geographical locations for your website: Tunisia, France and Canada

Your servers are under Linux but my PC is on Windows, will that pose a problem?

Absolutely not. Our servers run on Linux for security and performance reasons. But you can design your site on your Windows or Mac PC, we will host it without any problem.
In short, the fact that our servers are under Linux will not be an obstacle (quite the contrary).

I already have a domain name, will it be possible to host my site?

Yes! We will tell you what to do in this case to point your domain to your hosting plan.

How to transfer my website from another host?

Just contact us. Tunisieweb takes care of everything! Your website will transfer to us for free and at no additional charge

Does your offer include registration of my domain name?

Yes indeed. We will register or transfer (without any additional charge for you!) Your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .tn, .com.tn domain name if you choose a billing cycle of one year or more

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