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cPanel VPS

cPanel / WHM
License Solo

DT 43/per month
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cPanel Dedicated

USE: Dedicated
cPanel / WHM
100 clients

DT 129/per month
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USE: Dedicated
OS: Centos
Unlimited clients

DT 100/per month
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Starter License
Up to 250 Clients
Host in your server

DT 46/per month
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Name: SitePad
USE: Dedicated
Unlimited clients

DT 15/per month
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Name: Softaculous
USE: Dedicated / VPS
Unlimited clients

DT 15/per month
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My server is hosted elsewhere, Can I buy a license?

Yes You can buy one or more licenses without being hosted by us

Can I buy a WHMCS license with unlimited customers?

Yes You just have to contact us to send you our price offer

Can I use my license in multiple servers?

No An ip / domain restriction per license prevents you from using it multiple times

What is 1-Click Software?

Also named Softaculous is a simple solution to install several popular web-based software in a few clicks.
Example: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, phpBB, WHMCS etc.
Several scripts offered by Softaculous that offer a wide selection of software and regular updates of this same software.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is Linux-based control panel designed for web hosts. Consisting of a graphical interface allowing the automation of the parameters, website hosting is thus simplified.
cPanel has 3 main functions that allow access to different levels of use such as the administration and resale of hosting, or the simple configuration of the website. So, all these aspects are controlled from a simple web browser

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is an operating system specially developed to manage the hosting of websites.
Thanks to its unique resource control system: LVEs Lightweight Virtual Environment, each site is locked in a virtual machine preventing it from consuming all the resources of the server.
This dramatically improves performance and provides remarkable stability with over 99.9% UpTime without slowing down due to another site on the same machine!
CageFS completely isolates each user inside their virtual system. These are therefore totally separate from their environment and can only access their own files. This is a very effective security system against hackers.

What is the web creator?

Also named RvsiteBuilder is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly create your website.
It allows customizing your design in an advanced way and without the need of a web design expert.
It offers a range of 1000 website templates categorized and covering just about every business area you would need to build your website.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a turnkey solution for customer relationship management, billing, and support, primarily designed for web hosting/reseller, but it remains applicable to many other types of businesses online.
Using this application, you can put a domain resale or Internet service reseller website online while providing an interface for your customers to manage their services automatically.

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