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Incoming Filtering

Configuring MX Records
To use Incoming Filtering, you need to point the MX Records for the domain to the SpamExperts Hosted Cloud routes.

They should be set as follows: (Priority 10) (Priority 20) (Priority 30)
No further configuration is necessary. Email will be routed through the SpamExperts Cloud System initially, Spam filtered out, and the resulting clean emails forwarded on to your local mail server.

Outgoing Filtering

Creating Outgoing Users
The first thing you will need to do, is to create an outgoing user.

To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Login to your client area > Services and Click Manage button to login to the SpamExperts Control Panel

2. Click "Manage users" under the Outgoing section

3. Locate the "Add a user" section pictured below.

4. Select the "Authenticating User" tab

5. Enter the desired username/email prefix and password and click "Add" to create the account

Configuring your Email Client
Configure your email client with the following details:

Mail Hostname:
Mail Username: the full email address you created above
Mail Password: the password you specified above
Outgoing Port Number: 587 (Supports STARTTLS)

For more information, please refer to

Setting up SPF
SPF records are TXT records placed into a domain's DNS settings.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a way to restrict which mail servers are allowed to send email for your domain name.

SPF Record Configuration
Create a TXT record for the outgoing sending domain with the following details:

"v=spf1 -all"
If you already have an existing SPF, simply add to your existing record.

Setting up DKIM

If your sending domains already sign with DKIM, then this should not be changed.

SpamExperts will simply forward the DKIM signed messages along to the recipient.

If there is no DKIM signing, you can decide to either sign this on your sending MTA, or sign with SpamExperts.

It's not obliged to sign with DKIM, however, it often helps to "authenticate" as much as possible your senders.

Further information on how to setup DKIM with SpamExperts can be found at

Setting up MTA
Instructions for configuring MTA records for different mail servers are located at the following location:

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